Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and Agreements


Contracts are what drive business and, for most businesses, are the basis of revenue generation. A poorly prepared contract can create any number of serious issues, including legal liability.  As a business owner, understanding your rights and obligations, as well as any options available in the event of a breach, are vital to protecting your interests.

The Seitz Law Firm drafts contracts for its clients in business and employment-related matters.  Unsure if a contract is in your best interests?  The firm can explain the terms and conditions of the agreement and how they could impact your business, your bargaining power, and your ability to seek damages in the event of a breach of contract.

Important business relationships and transactions should be recorded in written agreements between the parties. This ensures that there is a meeting of the minds both on major terms and minor details and that in the event of a dispute there exists clear evidence of what the terms were, and predetermined effective tools to enforce the agreement.

Agreements generally favor the party preparing them, and when possible, YOU want to be the party who has prepared the agreement.  Even when that is not possible, it is vital that you have an attorney review the fine print of an agreement to address concerns and make changes, refuse unfair dealings, and barring that, foster an understanding of where your exposure may lie.

The Seitz Law Firm will assist you in formulating, negotiating, preparing, and reviewing contracts and agreements.