Corporation – LLC – Partnership – sole Proprietorship

Corporation - LLC - Partnership – Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship

Beginning a new business venture is an exciting time and should not be hampered by the tedious process of completing mounds of paperwork.  Do not let your enthusiasm die while you try to find your way through the process of deciphering LLC regulations, deciding how to structure the holdings of the business, or how bylaws should be written.  These decisions can impact the amount of taxes or liability you will shoulder and should be handled by an effective, experienced business attorney.

The Seitz Law Firm works closely with investors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, in evaluating the options available when considering which business enity type works best for you, removing the guesswork and potential hazards of doing it yourself.

Give your new business venture the best possible chance for success.

Contact Brian Seitz, a start-up business attorney at The Seitz Law Firm in Cleveland, Ohio today about structuring your business entity.  The Seitz Law Firm has more than 10 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams and is the perfect place to begin.

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