Starting A New Business – Startups

Starting a New Business – Start-ups

Legal advice for entrepreneurs from an attorney who IS an entrepreneur.


The Seitz Law Firm uses its extensive experience advising small business start-ups in helping entrepreneurs take practical legal steps to achieve their goals and protect their assets.

From launching start-ups to facilitating the purchase or sale of businesses, the firm serves as an outsourced general counsel resource to entrepreneurs seeking an opportunity to add value to their business ventures.

The choice of business attorneys may seem endless when considering where to turn. However, the right firm will not only assist with legal matters but also play a key role in ensuring your business’s success. It is with this consideration in mind that the Seitz Law Firm commits its energy and experience to serving its clients’ interests when resolving their legal matters.

If you are an entrepreneur considering beginning a new business venture or looking to expand the scope of your current business through a new entity, you will want an experienced attorney to help in evaluating your options concerning the appropriate business form to meet your needs and goals.  Whether you are forming a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation, The Seitz Law Firm will take the time to learn your goals and functions in order to protect your interests.  Having the assistance of counsel that takes the time to get to know both you and your business is an asset to any business owner.

Capable and experienced in handling all matters related to forming a new business, the firm will help you to begin to educate yourself regarding your options and explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Tax consequences, potential concerns, the formalities of annual filings, and individual liability are just some of the areas the Seitz Law Firm will ensure are covered as the process begins.

Once a decision is made concerning the form your new venture should take, the Seitz Law Firm will prepare and file the necessary state and/or federal documents, including articles of incorporation or organization, bylaws, operating agreements, or partnership contracts.  The firm will also prepare any corporate resolutions needed and establish your business with state and federal revenue agencies.